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Tips on how to improve your brand’s social media continuity

July 29, 2020

The design and continuity of social media pages play an important role in the overall image of a company. A business that has a unique brand name is easier to promote through social media.

Modern man cannot imagine the Internet without social networks. And therefore, the audience of such sites is quite extensive. With it, brand development can be significantly accelerated through its promotion on these networks. The main thing is to take into account the popularity of the social network. And you need to choose the most popular platform with the highest percentage of active users.

With the help of social networks, namely corporate accounts, you can inform users about the benefits of the company and the products being sold. The main thing is that only you will decide what exactly to place on the page, and potential customers will receive only important and useful information about your business proposals.

Benefits of promoting your business on social media

  • Search for clients and partners

With the help of a social network, you can attract buyers, as well as employees and even investors for your company. In addition, there is an opportunity to gain new knowledge about the implementation of a business in a specific area. By the way, this can be done by communicating with other entrepreneurs.

  • The expansion of retail outlets

Many users can find out about your company through social networks. As a result, it will increase the client base on various platforms.

  • Search engine optimization

If you regularly update the content of a page on a social network, its ranking in search engines increases. As a result, account traffic increases.

Which social network to choose

There are several popular social networks, each of which differs by the age category of users. It is recommended to take a responsible approach to the choice of the network through which you will promote your brand.

It is equally important to correctly design a profile so that it turns out not only attractive, but also meaningful.

Entrepreneurs choose such popular social networks as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for doing business. By the way, each of the presented sites has its own advantages and features of use.

Tips for choosing

  • Consider the topic of the business

For example, if a company is working in a creative direction, then it is optimal to use YouTube or Instagram for promotion. In other words, these sites will help you create content quickly. It, in turn, will attract buyers and push them to make purchases of products. Therefore, Instagram is more suitable for online clothing, beauty products and others. This is due to the fact that it is convenient to place a catalog of goods with descriptions and prices in it. YouTube is best used to sell video content about a company and products.

  • Analyze website traffic

To highlight the most popular social network for work, you must first determine the number of active users. And in the same way, it is advisable to find out the situation with purchases through a specific network.

  • Do not use multiple social networks at the same time

In other words, choose one or two networks where you actively and consistently add content.

  • Consider the convenience of posting

For example, Facebook is recommended to be used when it is necessary to post information, as well as customer reviews. But on Instagram it is more convenient to post photos informing about the goods and services provided. Also in this social network, you can add a brief description of the product. YouTube is optimal for posting video content (reviews, ads, videos with instructions and tips).

  • Analyze the selection of competitors

By analyzing the choice of competitors, you will be able to highlight the main pros and cons of working with a particular social network.

The value of a competent page design on a social network

When maintaining a profile, it is important to pay significant attention to the content of the pages and the overall design. In addition, it is necessary to create an image of a successful, conscientious company and gain the trust of future buyers.

After developing a logo for the company, as well as choosing a corporate identity and creating a page on a social network, you need to start designing a profile. In order to end up with a high-quality and thoughtful account that will attract users, adhere to the rules that are given below.

Tips on how to improve continuity of your brand 

  • Create the highest quality logo

A company logo is more than just a brand name and a pretty icon. The logo represents what the company is: mission, guiding principles and values. So, if you want to maintain brand continuity on social media, you need to make sure your logo looks attractive and unique.

Guidelines for developing an attractive logo

  1. Choose one font style and use only that style on the page. In other words, using different fonts that do not fit together significantly degrades the overall profile picture.
  1. Use specific colors when designing your account. In addition, the color palette should also be selected in advance. And then apply only it or similar shades.
  1. Consider the requirements of the social network for the images posted. The uploaded logo should look good and the inscription on it should be legible. Do not distort the image when placing it on the page.
  1. Choose a page cover that matches your logo. In addition, it is desirable that it correspond to the business topic and display the goods or services being sold. Moreover, the style of the logo should be identical to the style of the cover.
  1. Try to place your logo in one place on different social networks. For example, in the upper right corner. But this item can be omitted if it is not possible to choose the location of the logo on the page.
  1. After completing the page layout, it is recommended to check how the page will look from different devices. Also, make sure that each element retains its original appearance, is not distorted or cropped.
  • Create a corporate identity

The tone you choose to communicate, the type of content you create, and how you respond to comments determine your brand’s personality and personality. You need to be clear about this and also maintain consistency with the brand identity when you are communicating with someone on the Internet. Tips for building a strong brand identity include knowing that you are not selling your product, but your brand. You also need to touch the human side of the business in order to establish a connection with the target audience on a deeper level.

  • Reuse your core values ​​with the slogan

Many big brands in the world have catchy slogans. For example, Apple has Think Different, and Nike has Just Do It. The reason they keep using these slogans is because they work! But also because they reflect the underlying goals and beliefs of the brands that use them. If your slogan has a deeper meaning, you’ll find it in your social media content to engage users and maintain brand awareness.

  • Create a brand book

One of the most overlooked steps of a social media strategy is creating a clear vision. One of the most important steps to ensuring brand continuity is creating a brand book. It should define the colors, fonts, image styles and other elements that you will use. It should also provide a visual template for your social media posts.

  • Create your signature voice

A branded voice is another important thing. All popular social media accounts have different voices. Some accounts share motivating and inspirational content, others focus on their brand personality and humor, and showcase it through content. You can explore other popular accounts to see how this works.

Start by analyzing existing case studies from companies that reflect the voice of a brand that you are close to and would like to be like, then transform these examples in the context of your business.

  • Measure and control your results

If you want to improve brand continuity, you need to track performance. For example, when you’re doing a social media audit (which you must do at least once a year), add a section on brand continuity.

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