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Exon Premier

Real estate investments are becoming more and more popular, encouraging many people to consider them as a chance to get good dividends and regular income. Exon Premier is a great way to get acquainted with real estate investments and start getting great benefits. 

Exon Premier
Exon Premier

Exon Premier Investment Benefits 

Exon is a REIT (real estate investment trust) that offers a set of investment opportunities and advantages to its potential investors. REITs, as a rule, are said to be highly beneficial due to good annual dividends and risk-adjusted returns which are offered to the investors. Another advantage of REIT, which is worth mentioning, is absolute apartment management.

Investors do not need to spend their precious time on making sure that the apartment is in good condition, rent is collected and all the redevelopment and maintenance work are in place.


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Page Load Time: How Quickly Should a Page Load in 2020

Shortly: As fast as ever possible.  However, that only sounds easy. Many websites put a lot of effort to optimize their page speed, thus it is crucial to know when you can feel sure that you are doing it right and ready to work on other projects

You will want to be checking your load times, so having a number in mind is crucial. In 2020, that time should be exactly 3 seconds or even less if it is possible. Now the interesting part, how to get this number and how to keep it. 

Time data of page-load in 2020 and why it is important

As a rule, webpages load in parts, thus, sometimes you see how some photos will load faster than text, or some form will load faster, or even an ad will appear first before the whole page appears. 

That is because all these various elements that fill up a webpage need to load. As a result, that reflects on overall load time.  Fully understanding how this load time works is crucial when you work on improving load time. Usually, this matters for two simple reasons: customers are quite impatient. Recently Google made an announcement that main web vitals are going to play a ranking factor, thus speed is the main component of the factor. 

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Governments should protect personal data on digital platforms

Turkey has implemented new social media regulations that will implement effective innovations and hold social media platforms liable for the level of security,  urging them upon consolidating their software.  Remember, that you should not fully trust any social media platform. Moreover, according to a digital communications professional, governments should secure resident’s information on digital platforms.

The head of the MEZO Digital consultancy firm, Nabat Garakhanova adds that providing personal security should one of the key duties of states. 

In the first half of the year, there was a case when some hacker leaked approximately 16 billion of personal data records in various sectors, such as health care and accommodation.  According to experts from Garakhanova told Anadolu Agency (AA), about 8 billion data records were seeped out in the first three months of 2020, and about 4 billion data records had the same fate in the first half of 2019 

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Are you prepared for the online world?

Online companies store information about their activities and clients mainly in digital format. That means online businesses are more susceptible to various cyber-attacks, trolls, spams, malware, etc. than offline companies. Fraud, identity theft, cyber-crime are common in today’s online world. Without proper protection, these hazards can seriously affect the financial health of the company. Therefore, if the brand is in the online world, it needs to take action to prevent potential threats.

Threats in the online world

Information security threats are various actions that can lead to violations of the information security state. In other words, these are potentially possible events, processes, or actions that can damage information and computer systems of the company.

All possible information security threats can be divided into the following main subgroups:

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