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How to take your business online

September 2, 2020

It is challenging and at the same time exciting work to built the business online. Often it takes years of hard work to make the business profitable. However, today, in the era of technologies, digital marketing can significantly help in achieving this goal.  

Thus, in the post, we will observe the important tips for bringing the company to the online world and the steps needed towards the good results.

How to make the brand successful

Today, since the market proposes a lot of opportunities to the customers, it is especially difficult to make the business unique and be constantly profitable. However, digital marketing and its tools can greatly help in making business prospered in the long run. 

The advantage of company’s online presence is not only a high level of income but also a great opportunity to communicate with its consumers. Online feedback makes it possible to more openly discuss any changes, conduct social surveys, and observe the customers.

Competent professionals in the digital field are aware of online mechanics that can help the brands achieve their goals. Besides, digital specialists have a wide range of opportunities for promotion through the various channels that are available in their arsenal.

How to start building an online presence
How to start building an online presence

Let’s observe how the good online strategy has affected the brand awareness.

The owner of the real estate organization Jacob Evans has got a solid reputation for his vast experience. The results of the agency’s work were good enough, however, it became necessary to redesign the site in order to keep up with competitors. In addition, Evans wanted to bring new online opportunities into his business and make the local search visibility better. 

The company’s owner turned to Dewzilla for the assigned tasks. The web design company conducted a full analysis of the client’s organization and its competitors to build a new digital strategy. The Dewzilla specialists collaborated with the internal real estate team to improve the Google search results and web resource traffic. Besides, the web agency provided professional consultations and guidance. 

As a result,  Dewzilla increased brand awareness online, helped in attracting potential customers, and making new bookings through marketing campaigns. The number of web resource visitors per month also has significantly increased. The web agency helped to make the online presence of the client’s company become stronger, and the brand information valuable and engaging for the client. 

How to start building an online presence 

The first step is to create a website. Own web resource is the evidence of the company’s technical modernity. Visiting the brand’s website, the client can find out detailed information about its activities, offerings, updates, etc.

The site allows a business to use a number of online marketing tools, from targeted advertising to email newsletters. It is more convenient and efficient to conduct marketing activities on the Internet including promotions, discounts, advertising campaigns, etc. Besides, it is easier to keep track of visit statistics, the number of orders, online purchases, and other indicators on the Internet.

Domain name

The company should consider the list of possible domain names. The domain is the business permanent “residence” on the Internet. No matter how the company changes over time – whether it’s moving to a new hosting, updating the corporate identity, rethinking the business model – the domain will remain the same. 

Without a branded web address, it will be more difficult to differentiate from the competitors. Having its own domain name has a beneficial effect on search performance as well. These are just a few arguments that prove how important it is to have its own URL.

We recommend following the next tips for choosing own web address.

  • Implement keywords.

The web address should inform potential customers of what products or services the business offers. Thus, it is better to use popular keywords to allow the user to quickly reach the site. 

  • Create a name easy to memorize.

The web name should be easy to remember so that users can find the resource from memory. If users can’t remember the web address, the business risks losing significant traffic.

  • Create a short name. 

The web address must not exceed 10 characters. Entering a long domain, a user can make a mistake and end up on another site or a non-existent page.

  • Indicate geographic affiliation.

If the company operates in a specific region, try to express the brand’s geographic affiliation (city, region, region) in the URL.

  • Choose a popular extension.

We recommend finding a top-level domain among local visitors. .com is the most popular and widely used extension worldwide.

If you find a suitable web address name, do not waste time and immediately check if it is free on social networks. You should also check if another trademark is not registered under the same name.

Multiple domains

Today, it is common for a business to use several web names on the site, and the reasons for it are quite understandable.

  • Brand’s protection

The existence of multiple domains is an opportunity to secure the brand’s unique address on the Internet.

  • Better promotion

Registration in domain zones of different countries influences the better promotion of the brand. This is very actual for companies operating in several countries.

  • Space for development

Since the business extends, developing additional web address names is a good option. They can introduce the brand to new markets, represent the new company’s services or products.   

Website outline

A well-thought-out website outline is key to its successful promotion. Besides, it provides a great user experience.

Website outline
Website outline

First, the company needs to analyze and collect information about its target audience. After, the brand needs to set its goals and to understand for what the company needs to create and support its own website. Depending on the purpose of developing the web resource, the brand determines its type:

  • e-commerce site,
  • informational portal,
  • catalog site,
  • corporate website,
  • business card website,
  • landing page,
  • promo site.

When developing a resource outline, it is necessary to analyze the placement of each section and subsection, design, content, authority in order to satisfy the needs of the users and meet the requirements of the search mechanisms.

Web design

Statistics say that the success of the site depends on the first 2-3 seconds of the user’s acquaintance with it. During this time, a person will not have time to consider all types of services or goods, convenient navigation, or the availability of promotional offers, but he will have time to pay attention to the visual appearance of the resource. Web design clearly separates the company from its competitors.

Thus, it is essential to choose the right way to create a unique and user-friendly design. 

Increasing brand awareness online
Increasing brand awareness online

Currently, there are many ways and means to create the design of the website, but we can classify any of these methods into one of three categories:

  • development in the website builder;
  • development on CMS (WordPress is especially popular);
  • turning to a professional web agency.

We recommend turning to the web design company, in particular, the Dewzilla team includes the professional specialists and designers who will give enough attention to all stages of web development. Dewzilla develops only exclusive design solutions focused specifically on the customer and forms a positive image of the brand as well as supports the project after its launch. Functionality, intuition, and aesthetics are the top Dewzilla priorities. The company also provides the client with SEO optimization and CRMZilla services to take the business to the next level. 

Increasing brand awareness online

The list of internet marketing tools is big enough, however, the most effective methods are SEO optimization of the site, content, and promotion on social media.


A powerful marketing tool SEO allows the business to improve its awareness, make the site useful for visitors, and visible in search results. SEO brings more than half of all visitors to the business website and its landing pages. This is the major promotion tool that should be taken up during the development process. It is important to constantly improve search visibility.


It is important to take into account the interests of the reader, to provide informative and easy-to-read content. You shouldn’t forget about the SEO requirements including uniqueness, the density of key occurrences, relevant text, etc. The primary task of the content is to quickly give the user the needed information in a convenient form.

Detailed and relevant  information allows a potential buyer to learn more about the business and also increases the chances that he will return to the web resource again.

Social platforms

In modern conditions, just running a website or blog is not enough to take the business in the online space. Promotion in social media signnificantly boost the visibility of the brand.

We recommend testing different platforms, and, of course, thinking about your users. Let them have the opportunity to communicate with your company on a social platform, which they prefer to use.


Professional development of the web resource offers the company a great opportunity to grow its business and to create a modern brand focused on the needs of its clients. Independent attempts of bringing the business on the Internet can not always be successful.  And it is more efficient to choose the specialists for this task.

The Dewzilla team is ready to help your business develop on the online space and become a leader on the market! The web company is the place where original ideas are born, unusual proposals are put forward and completely effective ways of solving the most difficult problems are found! Dewzilla’s integrated approach to projects guarantees the client the best results.

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