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Latest Google Analytics Updates Overview

July 21, 2020

While being one of the most used tools in digital marketing, Google Analytics is still underestimated by many people. There are more than 30 million users of this service who open it almost every day. Day after day, this number only grows. Thus, to satisfy all new needs and trends, Google has presented new updates for its popular service. 

Google Analytics is well known for having a complex user interface. However, if you study it properly, you are going to get a great tool in achieving the best results and profits in digital marketing for your business. 

General information

The functionality of Google Analytics goes much further than any other tool with performance and visitor tracking. Among other crucial services of Google Analytics are:

  • Fine-tuning of any website: with the help of its constructive reports you can see the possible weaknesses of each page of your website and implement best solutions;
  • Optimizing the SERPs: With the help of keywords tools and Webmaster tools you can get a better analysis of your keywords and their performance; 
  • Segmentation of traffic: Google Analytics provides you with insights about your SEO campaigns, their traffics, and their quality. 

With these services, Google upgraded its major creation to the latest version. Now Google Analytics offers you: 

Standard Reporting

If you are a regular user of Google Analytics, you may have noticed that this service has changed a little bit the interface and added extra features. Now standard reports have changed their location for a better one. However, unliked by many people, the keyword “not provided” is still at the same place it has been before. 

Google Analytics Education

Google Analytics understands that not all users are advanced in their services. Thus, they created small guides under the graduate’s hat. These guides will help you discover more about an understanding of your data that appears on Google Analytics.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics

If you are a newbie, these guides are immense support for you. They support you on the path from beginner to a real professional even if you do not have qualified knowledge in the sphere of digital marketing. 

Summary and site usage view

Previously many users were hoping to have easily understandable conversions from a standard report in Google Analytics. These conversions may include screen resolution, landing pages, location, traffic sources, etc. Now, this feature is possible. New Google Analytics offers you a default summary view in any type of standard report. At the beginning of the summary view, you will see all the usual basics like bounce rate, visits, average visit duration, etc. Then goes all the conversions that appear in the form of some competitions, conversion rate, and value of your goals that are customized in Google Analytics. 

If you want to decide on different goals and the data that goes with them, you can look through a pop-down menu. You are going to see the data about the first goal on the list by default. If you are still on the stage of choosing goals, you can always go back to Site Usage and learn the traffic basics. From now on, all attention is concentrated mainly on conversions. Thus, now it is crucial to set your goals in Google Analytics so that your experience can be enhanced to the best conditions.

Traffic Sources has turned into Acquisition

Previously Acquisition was known as Traffic Sources. This section, with major new features, offers your Overview. This page will bring into focus the main information about various channels that drive traffic to your business website. Moreover, you are going to have an opportunity on how users act on your website (pages per visit, bounce rate, duration of average visit, etc.) and how their behavior impacts the conversions. Within Channel, you may get an insight into incoming traffic from every channel. These details can be not only common information but also information on conversions. 

In case if you want to switch your groupings, you can open the link “Edit Channel Grouping’. Now you can change the name of channels, rearrange them, and change the definitions of the individual channel if you are opting for UTM parameters to tag your URLs for customized digital marketing campaigns. Section Keywords provides you with information about Organic and Paid keyword data. 

Then after the keyword section goes cost analysis report. This brand new section offers an overview of revenue performance and traffic data for only paid-up marketing channels. Besides, you can use AdWords, Social Optimization, and Search Engine Optimization with fresh data. 

However, we want you to pay attention to the Trackbacks section. This option offers your business to monitor all mentions about it on various websites. Moreover, it creates the possibility to track content that was used without your permission to use it. If we talk about referral paths – unique links from a certain domain that send traffic to your website – they can be found in several ways. With a path from acquisition to channels and then to referral, you can open any domains that are not connected with social media or search listed to observe their referral paths. 

With a path from acquisition to social to network referrals, you can observe referral paths of social media networks. If you open this option, you are going to find the specific landing pages that network redirects traffic to. After that, if you open the landing page, you are going to observe any kind of specific referral paths. 


Content has turned into Behavior

Google analytics went even further and turned content into the behavior section. For now, all pages view does not connect your most trafficked pages to the conversion data. Now, these adjustments allow you to see the number of conversions you get from users who visit your website and opens a specific page. 

Customized segments have been reorganized

We mention it at the end of our overview. However, this update also has an important place in the facelifting of Google Analytics. Advanced segments can be found through opening a pop-down arrow next to 100% all visits on the top of the explorer view. After clicking on the arrow you will be sent to advanced segments developed by you and by the experts from Google Analytics. 

After working on a new advanced segment, you are going to have more options to adjust your filters in the custom segment. If you want to avoid this setup, you just need to open the area of advanced conditions to bring in various or single visit conditions to your advanced segment. 

After you are ready with your advanced segments, you can open them. Before seeing final versions of custom segments, you have to withdraw all visits segment. This action will adjust your data and add some extra reporting features to make your work in Google analytics more intriguing. 


As you can see, Google Analytics has become more oriented toward conversion. Suc update can be quite useful for all businesses that search for opportunities to learn and try new types of traffic that will help them attract customers to their websites. Of course, there are still many updates to be done; however, for now, this adjustment is a big step forward. 

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