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Affiliate marketers insight: When is the pain worth the gain with automation

July 20, 2020

Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are changing the nature of work, and many employees believe automation will completely replace humans in the coming years. However, companies are not investing in automation to replace humans with robots; they are adopting automation to make their workers more productive and efficient.

According to the report, automation will replace over 7 million jobs by 2037, while will also stimulate to create around 7.2 million new positions. Automation will fundamentally change the nature of labor, but it will not require firing people. Instead, workers will need to be retrained, so they can adapt to unknown technologies.

Automation of the processes has already started to change the approach to business, but it still does call for a person to solve complex problems and to achieve the increased growth of the brand. Here there are some affiliate marketers’ tips for using automation right, without losing human relationships, which the business relies on.

Understanding technology

Before entering the field of artificial intelligence, the affiliate marketer needs to understand what types of IT are suitable for their tasks, the advantages, and disadvantages of each class of software. In some organizations, the choice of wrong software has already resulted in wasted time and money. To meet the actual needs of the brand, the marketer needs to know the right software vendors, the classes of software shells, and the approximate timing of their implementation. The IT department or innovation team must be willing to put in a lot of effort into market research. In addition, it is necessary to involve specialists with the knowledge of statistics and big data to understand how cognitive systems work. The key success factor is the desire of employees to learn. Some workers will be delighted with the opportunity to learn unknown things, while others will want to stay with their familiar tools. 

If there are no data and analytics specialists in the company’s staff, the company will have to rely on external service providers. But if the company plans to run long-term projects using AI, it is better to bring experts in the organization’s team. In any case, the company initially needs to assess whether it has the strength and resources necessary to advance in this area.

Human orientation
Human orientation

Human orientation

A lot of companies train and educate their employees under the slogans “the client is always right” and “the client is the most important person for the company (because they bring money).” Meanwhile, the relationship with employees is still paid incomparably less attention. However, customer-orientation cannot be fully developed without the brand’s employee-orientation.

It is time to supplement the strategy of the company as it lacks employee-orientation. Business relationships, like friendship, cannot be one-sided. To be respectful of an employee, the company must show its consideration to him. Now it is the time to be human-centered regardless of whether he is a client, a boss, or a subordinate. The brands have to realize that the leader is not just the one who gives orders, but the one who creates the conditions for his employees to work. Human relationships are the key to a source of endless opportunities and superior employee commitment.

Use automation to free employees from routine and monotonous work

In the past, companies had a lot of redundant and repetitive work that had to be done manually. This not only took a long time but also led to human errors. For example, such tasks as documenting, data entry, and email filtering do not require any creativity or complex problem-solving, they are just a waste of time. With the help of automation, employees can be free from this kind of work, having more time to complete other important tasks.

Automation to free employees from routine
Automation to free employees from routine

Marketing automation has allowed marketers to segment and target customers more effectively through email, websites, social media, and other channels. By automating repetitive tasks, marketers can focus more on creating unique and compelling digital campaigns that can attract more leads and increase revenue.

Use automation to improve budget management

The budgeting of the company implies the processing of an enormous amount of information, therefore, for correct budgeting, optimization of this process, and controlling the implementation, various automation systems for budget accounting are very helpful. To increase the efficiency of drawing up and monitoring the implementation of budgets, comprehensive budgeting automation is recommended to be used. It allows the business to form an interconnected financial model of an enterprise.

An automated budgeting system can solve three problems:

  • lack of flexibility in the budgeting system;
  • lack of transparency in budgeting and control;
  • excessive complexity of budgeting. 

With automation, the employees can focus on more strategic projects, and the company itself can save money and maximize the investment.


With the help of automation, the employees of the company save their valuable time and energy. Automation improves information visibility and collaboration between teams.

The brand should note that automation cannot be implemented once and then be forgotten. It requires constant effort for optimization and expansion as the business grows.

But the main thing stays unchangeable – the human trait of ingenuity is indispensable. Automation does not replace human labor, it makes the employee’s work more efficient and productive. Thus, the company must find a solution on how to apply automation to maximize benefits and to help employees adapt to new conditions more easily.

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