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Gender pay gap in tech

July 18, 2020

No matter how hard we try to erase the gap between genders, it still exists, especially in the tech world. This gap can be traced to various factors such as roles, location, experience, education, etc. 

Someone might think that finding females in the tech industry is akin to looking for a needle in a haystack. Such thought is formed on the opinion that tech is, mainly, the male industry. Unfortunately, this is true. The latest statistics show that only 20% of all tech specialists are female. To even such difference we should support women of all ages to learn more about STEM or science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. 

Another study from Time Recruitment revealed one more reason why we see few women in the tech industry. This study shows that at least half of the females who worked in this industry decided to leave it for an entirely different industry. They gave up their tech positions not because it was difficult but because they felt uncomfortable with culture. Such treatment usually included isolation, unprofessional management, bullying and loss of opportunities. Who would want to come back to such an atmosphere?

More Statistics

We have the freshest report from the World Economic Forum (WEF). Their yearly 2020 report shows quite poor statistics. It would sound like shock, however, these statistics show that to become more economically equal women need to wait at least 250 years. In Europe specifically, this gap makes up 54 years. Specialists analyzed 153 countries in various spheres of life.

A report from 2018 points at the fact that gender inequality would become wider if society did not support women to study STEM. 2019 report shows all fields of the tech industry have big gaps. Especially this issue relates to engineering, Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing, and product development. 

Even if we talk about countries with a high level of tech economy where they fight the gender gap in payments, women can still feel this issue despite everything. For instance, there was a survey among 800 women who work in tech. At least half of them are sure that the gender pay gap is a real issue. If we take into consideration statistics from the United States, at least 60% of female tech specialists had lower salaries than their male colleagues for the same position in the same company. 

Moreover, if we take into consideration the minorities this gape will become even wider. For instance, in the USA the gender pay gap in the tech industry is about 3%, while LGBTQ women make up 8%, Hispanic women get 9% less than their white male colleagues. As for Afro-American women, they get $0.89 when their white male specialists get $1. 

If we look at the United Kingdom, the situation is worse. Their gender pay gap makes up 18,3% combined. This rate is considerably higher than in Europe. Even if we talk about top female specialists, they are still poorly-paid for doing a job at the same quality, in the same tech industry and the same city in comparison to males. Somehow every company in the USA and the UK forgets that they have legislation for equal pay that has been legitimate since the 1960s. 

At the end of the day female tech experts still: 

  • have quite an underpaid position; 
  • go through social discriminations that are based mainly on their sexual orientation, ethnicity, age;
  • experience glass ceiling;
  • loose opportunities to take a break from a stressful environment at work;
  • work in the isolated labor market.

To erase all these stressful situations we need to implement policies that protect and support a direction to gender equality in all kinds of companies. We have several role models tech giants that are not afraid to bring up these issues and, more importantly, try to fix them with the help of transparency, diversity, and inclusion. These tech giants are Uber, Amazon, Google, Apple and other well-known companies. 

Does your company wish to follow their example? Try these 3 solutions that can improve your situation immensely. 

3 solutions 

Forget about traditional ways and think instead of awareness

If you truly want to attract more female tech specialists, tell women that fact. It should not be just an idea, it should look like completely formed actions. Offer women not only mentorship but also invest in their development that will bring success not only for female team members but also for the whole company.

Become more proactive and ask the opinion of women about development initiatives or programs that can help them. Through straight communication, your company will create a safe environment where female experts feel heard and valued. Do not be afraid to show how much you are involved in this process. 

Remove bias approach and support inclusivity

When we talk about job descriptions there is an important rule. HR managers should adapt these job descriptions that will be suitable for both men and women. If you study classic job descriptions you will probably notice primarily more masculine language that may scare female specialists. You should not only put some indication that you look for a female specialist but also try to study and rephrase the language you use for possible candidates. The tone of voice matters. 

There is a trick that some companies try. They have trained their HR specialists and recruiters to suppress unconscious bias by hiding a candidate’s name and sex. Other companies create shortlists with female applicants. This way they try to have at least two female specialists for roles. 

Develop supportive communities and networks

If you want to see women satisfied with their job, make it as much welcome and supportive as in your powers. Provide them with better conditions for maternity leave and flexible work. These two options are base on a good relationship with female specialists. Moreover, do not forget to invest in female specialists. Another great option is creating and investing in mentorship programs, various workshops, events and conferences where they can grow. 

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