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Exon Premier

July 8, 2020

Real estate investments are becoming more and more popular, encouraging many people to consider them as a chance to get good dividends and regular income. Exon Premier is a great way to get acquainted with real estate investments and start getting great benefits. 

Exon Premier
Exon Premier

Exon Premier Investment Benefits 

Exon is a REIT (real estate investment trust) that offers a set of investment opportunities and advantages to its potential investors. REITs, as a rule, are said to be highly beneficial due to good annual dividends and risk-adjusted returns which are offered to the investors. Another advantage of REIT, which is worth mentioning, is absolute apartment management.

Investors do not need to spend their precious time on making sure that the apartment is in good condition, rent is collected and all the redevelopment and maintenance work are in place.

REIT managers will do all the job and make sure that all the appropriate marketing is launched if needed. REIT investors will only need to become a part of the team by making their first investment and start getting their dividends. 

Apart from being completely managed, REIT also gives its investors an opportunity to benefit from trust’s liquidity and choose from a good and diversified portfolio. Another thing to pay attention to is affordability of REITs which gives bigger opportunities and investment chances to potential investors.

While an individual investor will not be able to invest their money in the shopping center directly, becoming a part of REIT will allow them to access the desired property and invest in it. 

Apart from the mentioned benefits, Exon Premier has different account types which are offered to its investors in order to choose the one that will be the most suitable for them.

Exon Premier Accounts Types 

Exon Premier is rather flexible and has four different account types to consider before making an investment. Each and every type has a set of benefits and requirements in order for the potential investors to choose according to the pursued goals and objectives. Regardless of the type that will be chosen at the end, Exon offers absolute security in terms of money transactions, regular returns and instant withdrawals. Exon also provides constant support which is available 24/7 and offers great discounts. 

The first offered account type is bronze. This one allows potential investors to start from investing $500 and get an opportunity to receive up to $10,000. The dividends in this type are paid on an annual basis and the minimum lock is 1 year. The bronze account type does not offer management and transaction fees discounts. 

The second available type is silver. Owners of a silver account type need to invest a minimum of $10,000 in order to get a chance to receive dividends in the amount of $100,000 which in this type are paid quarterly. In the silver account type, the minimum lock is two years and investors get the opportunity to enjoy good discounts on management and transaction fees (5% and 25% accordingly).

The third account type, available in Exon Premier, is gold. This type has a minimum of $100,000 investment sum with monthly paid dividends. Investors who choose the gold type can receive up to $500,000 potential income and get a transaction discount of 35% and management fees discount of 15%. The minimum lock here is 3 years. Gold account type offers a direct current account debit card for its owners. 

The last type of account is a VIP one. Owners of the account have an amazing opportunity to enjoy a set of benefits, starting from good discounts on management (20%) and transaction (40%) fees, get their direct account debit card, and receive dividends on a weekly basis. Bigger amounts of investments here will provide more than $500,000 of dividends. The required lock is 4 years. 

Exon Premier Investment Benefits
Exon Premier Investment Benefits

Exon Premier, as can be seen from the above, is dedicated to bringing maximum benefits and the highest possible dividends. Each investor can choose the account type which best suits their needs and opportunities.

Exon Premier Projects 

It is all about comfort, style and quality when it comes to one of Exon Premier Projects – 50th Avenue. This is two in one: a complex suitable both for apartments and for offices that are located in different towers. The avenue is a great place to organize a comfortable and highly technical office space or enjoy all the delights of a cozy home. 

The complex has got its name from a world-famous 50th Street in New York, also known as Manhattan where all the well-known places, such as Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, Rockefeller Center, the Paramount Plaza and Radio City Music Hall are located. Exon Premier complex reflects the common New York lifestyle – busy, hectic but so incomparably charming. 

50th Avenue has an eye-catching architectural design which gives a futuristic vibe and stands out among other buildings that surround the complex. 

The complex is offering multifunctionality in terms of space usage. It has two different towers, each created for its own purpose. There is a bridge in between them for overall convenience. One tower has 49 floors which are all aimed to welcome people in their new homes. Another tower has 34 floors which serve as office spaces and retail facilities. 

The business tower is meant to impress as it is spacious, modern and allows accommodating various types of offices with comfortable and stylish spaces for everyday work. All of the clients are successful people who choose only the best available products to meet their needs and bring maximum satisfaction. 50th Avenue is the perfect place for them as it corresponds to their pace of life and allows them to live it to its fullest. 

50th Avenue
50th Avenue

The residential tower is not inferior to the business one, providing the best facilities for a comfortable living. 50th Avenue offers different types of apartments, of various sizes and layouts. Available flats are suitable both for big families and single usage offering all the required amenities. Tenants will value high-quality materials that are a guarantee of comfort and long-term use. All the people involved in the project are professionals who know how to create a reliable and comfortable place for living. 

Things that tenants will enjoy include:

  • An underground parking;
  • Playgrounds for kids;
  • Sports facilities;
  • A swimming pool on a rooftop;
  • SPA complex;
  • Platform for helicopters;
  • Shopping zones.

The territory of the complex is private and available for tenants only in order to avoid disturbance and keep it safe.

Clients will also benefit from an advanced infrastructure as the complex location is truly amazing. Everything is just nearby: various supermarkets and restaurants, kindergartens and schools, and a metro station within a short distance.

50th avenue is perfect for different people, pursuing different goals. Active tenants will enjoy the available facilities, while families will value privacy, good infrastructure and places for kids. The complex offers parking for those who drive and is located not far from the metro which will be perfect for people who prefer public transport. Tenants will have an opportunity to shop, relax and spend quality time, while businessmen will be able to enjoy the comfort of their offices. The complex is unique, comfortable, well-designed and combines premises for productive work, cozy living and relaxation. The avenue is a reflection of the recent trends and corresponds to the highest standards. 

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